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Patient Experience of Care

Patient Survey Results for Physician Practices

Physician Organizations (POs) and physician offices across Michigan voluntarily participate in a patient survey project called the Michigan Patient Experience of Care Initiative (MiPEC), sponsored by the Greater Detroit Area Health Council. They are leaders among POs and providers in improvement and promoting transparency and accountability.

Results are based on survey questions patients answer about their experience with the care they receive from their primary care providers. These survey results were collected in 2017.

Sponsored by the Greater Detroit Area Health Council

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Each PO's results are summarized below. Each green, red or grey box represents the PO's average score for a category or measure compared to the average score for the group of 11 POs as a whole. More green boxes is better than fewer green boxes and fewer red boxes is better than more red boxes. The number of boxes displayed is equal to the number of categories or measures for which there was sufficient data to report. (See About the Data.)

Physician practice results are summarized in the graph below the PO results.
  • Above the group average
  • Same as the group average
  • Below the group average

Practice Results

Each vertical bar in the graph below represents a physician practice. Roll over a bar to see details about that practice’s score.

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MiPEC Average Performance

The calculated mean score across all MiPEC-participating practices.
(black line)

National Average Performance

The calculated mean score across all practices participating in the National CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Database.
(white line)