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United Outstanding Physicians

This report is a summary of the performance of all the physicians who belong to United Outstanding Physicians.

Category/Measure Rating
Antibiotic Use  
Appropriate Use of Antibiotics for Children with Upper Respiratory Infections
Regional Average 83%
Testing Children with Throat Infections
Regional Average 74%
Medication Given to Children and Teens with Asthma (5-17 Years)
Regional Average 94%
Medications Given to Adults with Asthma (Ages 18-56 Years)
Regional Average 91%
Cancer Screening  
Breast Cancer Screening
Regional Average 72%
Cervical Cancer Screening
Regional Average 81%
Colon Cancer Screening
Regional Average 58%
Child and Adolescent Health Care  
Adolescent Immunizations
Regional Average 0%
Childhood Immunizations
Regional Average 59%
Well Child Visits for Children 3-6 Years Old
Regional Average 71%
Blood Sugar Testing for Adults with Diabetes
Regional Average 79%
LDL Cholesterol Testing for Adults with Diabetes
Regional Average 75%
LDL Cholesterol Control for Adults with Diabetes
Regional Average 35%
Testing Kidney Function for Patients with Diabetes
Regional Average 0%
Emergency Room Use  
Generic Medication Use  
Use of Generic (Non-Brand) Medications
Regional Average 66%
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