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Consumer Survey

Round two of the Southeast Michigan Consumer Survey on Health Care Experiences continues to highlight the healthcare experiences of area residents who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or asthma.

Conducted by the Pennsylvania State University Survey Research Center, and commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the survey compares results from round one of the consumer survey conducted in 2008, with round two conducted in 2012. A few key findings of the 2012 survey compared to the 2008 survey include:

  • 60% more people believe that not all doctors in Detroit provide the same quality care
  • 33% more people have seen objective information about quality like GDAHC's myCareCompare.org.
  • 7% more people say they understand that objective information such as reports that show which doctors follow recommended approaches to treat conditions like diabetes and asthma, are more valuable that subjective information, like recommendations from family and friends.

The Greater Detroit Area Health Council is using the survey results to improve the quality of care in the region by releasing reports that show how different physician organizations and hospitals in the region care for patients based on nationally-recommended standards.

Download the survey to find out the health care experiences of Southeast Michigan residents.

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